We're Excited to Announce Changes to Our Annual Secret Santa Holiday Assistance!

This year, we have redesigned our program to make Secret Santa run smoothly and help as many working families as possible. The first change this year is we are adding a work requirement. As you fill out our application for adoption, there will be questions for us to verify active employment. The goal is to be sure that working families who often aren't eligible for other forms of assistance but may have trouble stretching their budget are able to provide Christmas gifts for their children and a holiday meal for their family.  Also this year, we have set spending limits on gifts for each child in the hopes more generous businesses, individuals and organizations are able to adopt families.

What Each Child Receives

What Each Child Receives

  • Something they need (Up to $30)
  • Something they want (Up to $30)
  • Something special (Up to $30)
  • Something to read (Up to $10)
  • And a holiday meal for the family!
Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must live DOWNRIVER
  • You and/or your spouse must WORK
  • You must fill out the form CORRECTLY
  • You must not have received Secret Santa Assistance in the past (unless there are extenuating circumstances)

If you have read the new program details and meet all of the eligibility requirements, we are so happy to offer this program to you and your family!

Please click the button to fill out the "Please Adopt my Family Form"