We’re Excited to Announce Changes to Our Annual Secret Santa Holiday Assistance!

Each year, we redesign our program to make Secret Santa run smoothly and help different working families. The big program change this year is we will be specifically assisting Downriver working families who have a child (or children) with a special need or disability. Also this year, we will require that one or both parents work at least 30 hours per week. As you fill out our application for adoption, there will be questions for us to verify active employment and an opportunity to upload verification. The goal is to be sure that working families (who often aren’t eligible for other forms of assistance) but may have trouble stretching their budget are able to provide Christmas gifts for their children and a holiday meal for their family.  After much success last year, we have again set spending limits on gifts for each child in the hopes more generous businesses, individuals and organizations are able to adopt families.

What Each Child Receives

    • Something they need (Up to $30)
    • Something they want (Up to $30)
    • Something special (Up to $30)
    • Something to read (Up to $10)
    • And a holiday meal for the family!

There will also be the opportunity to provide or contribute to a requested item for the child with a special need or disability

Eligibilty Requirements

  • You must live DOWNRIVER
  • You and/or your spouse must WORK 30+ hours per week at an employer that withholds taxes (or 1099)
  • You must fill out the form CORRECTLY
  • You must have a child (or children) with a special need or disability

If you have meet the eligibility requirements listed above, we welcome you to apply to have your family adopted this Christmas season!

Before you begin, please gather your proof of Downriver residency (either a current utility bill, rental agreement or other document with name and Downriver Address that match proof of employment) and your proof of 30 or more hours per week at an employer that withholds taxes (or your 1099). You will be asked to upload these items directly into the application and your application will not be processed without them. Please note, WE DO NOT NEED INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR INCOME OR PERSONAL INFORMATION. We are only using the requested documents to verify residency and that you are actively employed for the required number of hours per week. PLEASE BLACK OUT ANY DOLLAR AMOUNTS AND SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! You may upload a picture (jpg or png) from your phone or upload a PDF file.