news-heraldChildren volunteer to help Mimi’s Mission


The youth is coming together to help a local non-profit organization that focuses its work on the Downriver community.

This month, residents as young as seven years old played a role in making a difference through Mimi’s Mission, a local non-profit organization based out of Woodhaven with two main objectives: making the community stronger by helping those in need and educating the community about childhood safety/human trafficking.

Most recently, two elementary school students from Wyandotte collected 265 boxes of cereal at their first Kids 4 Kids Summer Cereal Drive.

Dillion Reedy, 8, and Collin Reedy, 7, held a three-day collection at the Downriver Real Estate Group in Wyandotte.

All donations were transported to Mimi’s Mission where they will be disbursed to families in need.

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